Recording process

Each episode of QAOQ is between 30 - 90 minutes long, with a recorded interview between a subject and myself. To create the podcast I need: an interview with the subject, photographs of the subject taken during the same time, and some video footage.

The photos and the video footage are used to build promotional material. Each recording should take approximately 2 hours. The interview can happen anywhere that is most comfortable for you.


Each interview will dive deep into the subject of otherness. I am happy to talk about anything relating to identity, politics, social media, pop culture, and social justice.

these are some of the questions you can expect

Do you consider yourself to be quirky/queer?
What is your relationship with otherness?
What are your core values?
Do you have any distinct memories of when you thought you were different? How does your otherness influence your career, romantic pursuits, creative projects, etc? Who has influenced you?